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Travel guide to Chile Chico & Puerto Ibañez, Patagonia Chile

Chile Chico & Puerto Ibañez: Tourism information about this beatiful area featuring the lake General Carrera and the National Reservation Lake Jeinemeni. Fly fishing in Chile Chico.

CHILE CHICO and PUERTO IBAÑEZ, two border towns. The first one in the south riverside and the second in the north riverside of the lake General Carrera (the second in size in South America after the Titicaca).

This lake belongs to two nations and in the Argentinean side is called lake Buenos Aires. Chile Chico, with 3,800 inhabitants, depended on Argentina for its supply up to 1952, year in that the road opened up among Puerto Ibáñez (800 inhabitants approx.) and Coyhaique. This whole area was covered by a thick layer of volcanic ash in 1991, due to the eruption of the volcano Hudson.

PUERTO MURTA - PUERTO TRANQUILO: Both towns located in the west riverside of the noroccidental arm of the lake General Carrera. They have 500 inhabitants each one and they lived from the timber exploitation and their exports to Argentina via Chile Chico.

Today, they are dedicated to the cattle raising and the tourist service, they have lodgings, restaurants and jetties for the trip boats.

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Chile Chico & Puerto Ibañez
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