Chillán - Quillón - Patagonia Chile

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Travel guide to Chillán - Quillón, Patagonia Chile

Chillán - Quillón: Tourism information about this beatiful area where you can carry out several activities and trips. Thermal baths, hotels and more in Chillan and Quillon, Chile

CHILLAN: capital of the province of Ñuble with 150,000 inhabitants and located in a plain between the summits of the Andes and the mountain range of the coast, to the south of the river Ñuble.

It has a very important agriculture-industrial activity and as an important passing city possesses good hotels and restaurants besides a great commercial activity. The south area of the city is old Chillán (the original city); in 1939 an earthquake destroyed 90% of the city taking 15,000 lives therefore today's constructions don't overcome the 60 years of antiquity.

To highlight, The Fair of Chillán, that is the most important handmade fair in Chile with local, ceramic products besides being a center of supply, carved in wood, baskets, fabrics and crafts of the whole country.

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Chillán - Quillón
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