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Travel guide to Choele Choel, Patagonia Argentina

Choele Choel: Tourism information about this strategic area from where you can travel to several destinations. Hotels and services for the travelers in Choele Choel, Rio Negro


CHOELE CHOEL (10.000 inhabitants): in the center of the Middle Valley of the Negro river, to the north of the big island of Choele Choel, arose this town of the same name like center of an area agricultural-cattleman and as strategic knot of communications: between the east and the west through the national route #22, the national route #250 that goes to Viedma and Carmen de Patagones, and to the south the provincial route #4 that goes to Valcheta and the provincial route #2 that leads to San Antonio's ports and the spa Las Grutas.

It also has good attendance for the travelers: stations of service, lodging and restaurants.

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Choele Choel
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