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Travel guide to Chos Malal, Patagonia Argentina

Chos Malal: Tourism information about this magnificent area featuring the mount Domuyo (not a volcano). Hotels, mountaineering guides and more in Chos Malal, Neuquen

Chos Malal Patagonia Argentina

CHOS MALAL: it is the city with bigger tradition and historical significance of the Neuquén province, and more outstanding urban center of the northwest with almost 12,000 inhabitants. It was capital of the National Territory of Neuquén from 1887 up to 1904.
Strategically located beside the river Curileuvú almost in its fork with the river Neuquén and on the national route #40, axis of the communication north-south in the province.
It is 385 kilometers from Neuquen and about 130 kilometers of Mendoza's province. By the route #43 you consents to the towns of the northwest that are along the river Neuquén between the Mountain range of the Wind and the Mountain range of the Limit: Andacollo, Huinganco, Las Ovejas, Varvarco.
Continuing toward the north amid an imposing landscape you arrives to the mount Domuyo (4709 meters); with its summit permanently snowy, deep and sharp throats where streams of hot waters run and geisers and fumaroles arise, the Domuyo attracts as much for its great size as for the healing value of their thermal baths, where the famous blue algae are developed.

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Chos Malal
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