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Travel guide to Cochrane, Patagonia Chile

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COCHRANE: province capital and last town that crosses the Southern Highway.
The “Sociedad Explotadora del Baker” company, leased the lands of this valley in 1908 and brought sheep cattle from Argentina. This is proven today by the existence of the Estancia Chacabuco, a 62,000 hectares ranch.
In 1930, the government leases lands to the cattle company to trace the town, with the objective of colonizing the territory, but newly near 1960 they settle the public services. Today Cochrane has lodgings, hospital, bank and a population of 4,000 inhabitants.

PUERTO GUADAL and PUERTO BERTRAND: In these places, the biggest concentration in the tourist offer of this area exists: several complexes of very good cabins, fishing lodges, restaurants, rent of horses, great variety of trips, mountaineering and trekking.
Port Bertrand, is a village that received the production of the great Estancia “Sociedad Explotadora del Baker”, through the river Baker; this merchandise, coming from the Cochrane valley was transported in carts to Puerto Guadal, and from there, by ship through the lake General Carrera, toward Argentina.
Very near Puerto Bertrand, the Baker river borns (the mightiest in Chile) that after 200 kilometers of journey, it ends in the sea, in Caleta Tortel.

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