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COMODORO RIVADAVIA: at the end of the XIX century the agricultural producers of the area had like base of operations a town among the lakes Musters and Colhué Huapi, Colonia Sarmiento. With the idea of having a port for where to take out their merchandises, in 1901 they founded Comodoro Rivadavia.
Located on the coast of the gulf San Jorge beside the hill Chenque and crossed north to south by the national route #3. There the colonists met with another quite delicate problem as the lack of water. And from perforating looking for the vital liquid, in 1907 they discovered petroleum. This fact obviously changed the course of the history for the village then.
Today the city has 130,000 inhabitants, but it was for some years the most important city in the Patagonia. Starting from the beginnings of the decade of 1920 Y.P.F. state company had a fundamental importance in the development of the city. And because of receiving people of different places of Argentina and the world that came to settle and to work, it became a cosmopolitan city.
Comodoro Rivadavia has 2 ports: the old one, very important for the development of their economy until half-filled of the XX century that still continues working, and the fishing port in Caleta Córdoba, 17 kilometers to the north, where the companies of the fishing industry are.

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Comodoro Rivadavia
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