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Travel guide to Concepción / Talcahuano, Patagonia Chile

Concepción / Talcahuano: Tourism information about this beatiful area where you can carry out several activities and trips. Thermal baths, hotels and more in Concepción / Talcahuano, Chile

CONCEPCION is the capital of the eighth region of the Biobío and it is located in the outlet of this river in the sea. With more than 350,000 inhabitants it is the second of the cities of the country as for population.
It has a very modern roads net that integrates Talcahuano, Penco and San Pedro that together with the diagonal street Pedro Aguirre Cerdá that unites downtown with the University, pride of Concepcion, they are works that characterize the strength of this beautiful city.
There is an interesting ride to carry out toward the north by the coast; there are a total of 66 kilometers going by Penco, Lirquen, Tomé and Dichato. From here and just 23 more kilometers you arrive to the mouth of the river Itata.

TALCAHUANO on the other hand has near 250,000 inhabitants with two ports in San Vicente's bays and Concepcion, naval base, navy, fishing center and an important industrial concentration where it stands out the Steel Company Huachipato.
Port from 1774 becoming the most important in the south in 1872 with the arrival of the railroad.

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Concepcion & Talcahuano
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