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Travel guide to Copahue - Caviahue, Patagonia Argentina

Copahue - Caviahue: Tourism information about this magnificent area featuring the well known thermal baths, balneotherapy, trekking and more in Copahue and Caviahue.

COPAHUE and CAVIAHUE: two towns separated to each other by 18 kilometers located almost 200 kilometers to the northwest of the Zapala city from which you take the national route #22 and then the provincial one #26 to arrive first to

CAVIAHUE: Located beside the lake of the same name with a population that doesn't reach the 500 inhabitants surrounded by natural attractiveness of an exceptional beauty.
Their good hotels and some cabins, they can harbor 500 tourists during the whole year capacity that increases year after year, since the Neuquen province is fomenting a tourist development plan in the area.
In winter the most important activity is the ski that is practiced in 2 modalities with certain particularities that make it very interesting, like for example to ascend in a snow-track until the summit of the volcano Copahue and to descend practicing free ski to the door of the hotel.
In summer you can develop a wide range of activities like walks, trips, fishing, aquatic sports, horse riding, in an imposing natural mark (the lake, streams, sharp hills with millenial forests of araucarias and to the bottom, the volcano Copahue).

COPAHUE: Almost 2,000 meters high contained in kind of a pot surrounded by hills where the Volcano Copahue stands out with its 2,900 meters.
A quite particular town since it is inhabited only from December until the end of April because in the months of winter it is covered by the snow. With an almost lunar landscape, without any type of vegetation, very arid, where slopes of water and sulfurous vapors flow in different places of the town.
This thermal center of international fame has a balneotherapy building with a capacity of more than 2,000 baths in a day, the lagoons “verde” and “del chancho” (thermal baths outdoors), and lodging for 400 passengers (you can also lodge in Caviahue).

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Copahue - Caviahue
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