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Travel guide to Cutral Co - Plaza Huincul, Patagonia Argentina

Cutral Co - Plaza Huincul : Tourism information about this area featuring the biggest herbivore dinosaur of the world, the Argentinosaurus Huinculensis in Plaza Huincul

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CUTRAL CO - PLAZA HUINCUL: arisen amid the desert soon after the discovery of petroleum in 1918, there are two united cities that conform a single urban nucleus.
Cutral Co (33,400 inhabitants) it is by itself the second city of the Neuquén province, as long as Plaza Huincul (12,000 inhabitants) it conserves the characteristics and facilities of petroleum center that gave it having been central headquarters of YPF (‘Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales’), the state petroleum company privatized today. Plaza Huincul has the only distillery of the province.
They are located about 100 kilometers to the west of Neuquen, on the national route #22 that it continues toward Zapala and the mountain range area. There is a Museum in Plaza Huincul with dinosaurs remains. The biggest herbivore dinosaur was found in this area.

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Cutral Co - Plaza Huincul
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