Entre Lagos - Puyehue - Patagonia Chile

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Travel guide to Entre Lagos - Puyehue, Patagonia Chile

Entre Lagos - Puyehue: Tourism information about this beatiful area around the lake Puyehue including Antillanca ski center, hermal baths, very good hotels and more...

ENTRE LAGOS: town located in the western end of the lake Puyehue, 45 kilometers to the east of Osorno. Old port lumberman, where it concentrated the whole production of the lakes Puyehue and Rupanco.

Today is a town of 3,500 inhabitants that offers tourist services to the area of these beautiful lakes, with a lot of movement, due to the traffic toward Argentina through the international step Cardinal Samoré, the way to get to Villa La Angostura and Bariloche.

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Entre Lagos - Puyehue
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