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Travel guide to Esquel, Patagonia Argentina

Esquel: Tourism information featuring the National Park Los Alerces. Trips, walks, trekking, fly fishing, horseback riding, rafting and more in Esquel, Chubut, Argentina.


ESQUEL: 24,000 inhabitants' city located to the west of the Chubut province on the riverbanks of the river Esquel, among the hills Tres Torres to the north and Nahuel Pan to the south.
You can get there by the national route #40 or the #259 (it is the one that arrives to the hydroelectric complex Futaleufú). From here you can visit: National park “Los Alerces”, La Hoya ski center, Trevelín, Futaleufú dike and the lakes Rosario, Corcovado and Vintter.
It has about thirty establishments that offer lodging and some more in the National Park Los Alerces. In the area there is a series of small companies dedicated to the elaboration of chocolates, sweet, cheeses, smoky, ceramic and fabrics that due to their excellent quality, step by step they are securing in the market.
50 kilometers to the northwest of Esquel is located Villa Futalaufquén, the most important access to the National Park Los Alerces, from where they can be carried out numerous trips. And for those that miss the vapor train, it is “LaTrochita”, a train that travels 400 kilometers between Esquel and Ingeniero Jacobacci with locomotive and boxcars built at the beginning of the XX century.

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