Frutillar - Patagonia Chile

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Travel guide to Frutillar, Patagonia Chile

Frutillar: Tourism information about this beatiful area where you can carry out several activities and trips. Fly fishing, good lodging and more in Frutillar, Chile

FRUTILLAR: another shipment port for the riverside colonists of the lake Llanquihue. Today is an expensive summer vacation place in the best beach of the lake.

It has a spectacular costal with beautiful gardens where the begonias reign. In January takes place the “musical week of Frutillar” and for this event in the 2004 is foreseen to inaugurate the palace of the lake.

This room will be constituted inside the lake whose bottom of completely glazing curved scenario will allow the public to listen the concerts with a spectacular natural bottom: the lake Llanquihue and the volcano Osorno.

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