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Travel guide to Futrono - Lago Ranco, Patagonia Chile

Futrono - Lago Ranco: Tourism information about this beatiful area where you can carry out several activities and trips. Fly fishing, nice hotels and more in Futrono - lake Ranco, Chile

FUTRONO and LAGO RANCO: the two more important towns beside the lake Ranco. The first one located in the south riverbank and the second in the north riverside.

FUTRONO (place of smoke) 14,000 inhabitants; it is the center of services of the north riverside of the lake, dedicated to the tourism, the agriculture and famous for the native production of wooden furniture.

From the town there is an excellent view to the lake and the island Guapi that has 600 “huiliches” inhabitants.

The town of LAGO RANCO is born with the arrival of the railroad from Río Bueno in 1936, when it is built the station and the port and the first residents are devoted to the elaboration and transport of the wood coming from the other ports of the lake.

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Futrono - LagoRanco
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