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General Roca: Tourism information including hotels, tourist services, map, activities. Culture, arts, wine cellars and more in General Roca, Rio Negro, Argentina


GENERAL ROCA: as a consequence of the advance of the Campaign of the Desert to occupy the indigenous territories militarily, in 1879 the fortification General Roca settled down beside the Negro river.
This was the origin of a town around which was conforming to an agricultural colony populated by Chilean, Italian and Spaniards immigrants.
Today is the most important city of the Rio Negro province in the High Valley (78.000 inhabitants). besides center of services it has an outstanding cultural activity of regional and national transcendency.
It is headquarters of the newspaper 'Rio Negro', the most important in the patagonia, and of the biggest educational-cultural complex in the region, the "City of the Arts". Music, dances, plastic, dramatic art and movies they are developed in this environment, pride of the city of General Roca. Rio Negro province.

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General Roca
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