Alumine & Villa Pehuenia - Patagonia Argentina

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How to get to Alumine & Villa Pehuenia


From Zapala: toward the Southwest by the provincial route #46 there are 138 kilometers, of those which almost 50 are without asphalting.
From Junín de los Andes: toward the north they are 96 kilometers, of which 16 are asphalted.
From Zapala: toward the west by the provincial route #13 going by the park of snow Primeros Pinos, there are 103 kilometers, of which the first 50 are asphalted.
From Aluminé: toward the north, there are 48 kilometers of rubble.
Nearer airports: San Martín, Bariloche and Neuquén
Albus Phone (2942) 496368
Aluminé Viajes Phone (2942) 496231
El Petróleo Phone (2942) 496048 – 496001
Ruca Antú Phone (2942) 496395
No trains at this destinations

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Alumine & Villa Pehuenia: how to get -
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