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How to get to Caleta Olivia, Patagonia Argentina


From Comodoro Rivadavia: toward the south by the national route #3, there are 85 kilometers of asphalted road.
From Puerto Deseado: toward the northwest by the national route #281 until the crossing with the national route #3 and then by this one toward the north. Total of the journey: 215 kilometers of asphalt.
Nearer airport: Comodoro Rivadavia
Andesmar Phone (297) 4851053
Cooperativa TAC Phone (297) 4853481
El Pingüino Phone (297) 4852929
La Unión Phone (297) 4851134
Robledo Phone (297) 4854449
Sportman Phone (297) 4852988
Transportadora Patagónica Phone (297) 4851929
Transportes Unidos del Sur (TUS) Phone (297) 4853420

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Caleta Olivia -
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