Villa la Angostura - Patagonia Argentina

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How to get to Villa la Angotura


From Neuquén: toward the Southwest by the national route #22 until Arroyito where you continue by the national route #237 and 20 kilometers before arriving in Bariloche you turn to the right by the national route #231 (heading northwest), traveling 62 kilometers. There are in total 470 kilometers by asphalted road.
From San Carlos de Bariloche: toward the east by the national route 237 and after twenty kilometers take to the left by the national route #231 heading northwest. There are 88 kilometers by asphalted road.
From San Martin de los Andes: toward the south by the national route #234 of the seven lakes (beautiful), there are 110 kilometers, most asphalted.
From Osorno (Chile): toward the east by the route #215 until the International Pass Cardinal Samoré there are 124 kilometers, asphalted. From there there are 52 more kilometers until Villa La Angostura, with a rubble tract.
Nearest airport: San Carlos de Bariloche
Albus - Phone # (2944) 15617578
Algarrobal - Phone # (2944) 494360
Andesmar - Phone # (2944) 495247
Río de La Plata - Phone # (2944) 15617578
Tas Choapa - Phone # (2944) 494572
Transportes E.C. - Phone # (2944) 495247

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Villa la Angostura -
Los Crisantemos 113 - 8300 Neuquen - Argentina - Phone/Fax + 54 299 4330292