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Travel guide to Junin de los Andes, Patagonia Argentina

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JUNIN DE LOS ANDES: 10,500 inhabitants' city located 42 kilometers to the northeast of San Martín de los Andes on the national route 234 beside the beautiful river Chimehuín.
Junin de los Andes is the ideal place as support point for the lovers of the fly fishing. In its surroundings they are the rivers Aluminé, Malleo, Collón Curá and the lakes Tromen, Paimún, Curruhué Chico and Currué Grande, and the beautiful Huechulafquen in whose oriental end is the nascent of the river Chimehuín, well-known internationally by the lovers of the fly casting.
The volcano Lanin, with its summit permanently covered with snow, dominates these beautiful landscapes. People of the Andean Club guide those who want to attempt the incomparable adventure of climbing this volcano.
The city has two dozens of hotel establishments, restaurants, campings, office of tourism and the airport Chapelco located on half the way between San Martin and Junín.
In this city they are carried out two very important events in the course of the month of February and both have to do with the cattle raising and the life in the field: the Rural Exhibition, a sample that congregates to all the cattlemen of the Neuquén province, and the ‘Fiesta Provincial del Puestero’, dedicated to the men that fulfill the hard country tasks under a hard climate and in places usually far from the towns.

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Junin de los Andes
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