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Travel guide to Lago Puelo, Patagonia Argentina

Lago Puelo: tourist guide featuring hotels listings, trips descriptions, maps and photo galleries. Know more about Lago Puelo and its National Park. Chubut, Argentina.

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LAGO PUELO: city of something more than 5,000 inhabitants located to the northwest of the Chubut province, very few kilometers to the south of El Bolsón in the Río Negro province and just 7 kilometers to the east of Los Hitos in Chile.
Together with the communities of El Hoyo, Epuyén, Cholila and El Maitén, is part of the called Andean District of the 42º Parallel.
Lago Puelo has a particular microclimate because it’s located in a valley 170 meters over the sea level that makes possible to enjoy the 4 seasons of the year, mainly the summer where the temperatures surpass the 30º C, making of this place the spa of the district.
Toward the south it is the National Park National Lago Puelo with a surface of 23,700 hectares (the smallest one in the Andean-patagonia) where the lake Puelo is, glacier origin, fed by the rivers Azul, Turbio, Pedregoso and Epuyén.
This beautiful lake drain through the river Puelo to the Pacific ocean in the Reloncaví estuary, after going by the lake Puelo Chico (or Interior) in Chilean territory.
Due to the low height over the sea level and to that microclimate that allows that the temperatures are not so rigorous in winter, the National Park Lago Puelo possesses an unique flora in the whole country.
Besides typical trees of the forests Andean-patagonian as the radal, coihue, espino azul, cypress, arrayán (one of the few places where it is), near the frontier with Chile the ‘strange’ species appear: wild avellano, tique (tree with oxide color flakes), ulmo of white flowers and the liana or white climbing.
The park is also populated by a varied fauna composed by the puma, huemul, pudú, fox, ferret, boar, mountain cat and American mink among others.

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Lago Puelo
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