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Travel guide to Las Grutas and San Antonio Oeste, Patagonia Argentina

Las Grutas and San Antonio Oeste: tourist guide featuring hotels listings, trips descriptions, maps and photo galleries. Nice beaches, scuba diving and more in Las Grutas, Rio Negro, Argentina.

Las Grutas beach

LAS GRUTAS - SAN ANTONIO OESTE: Both cities are located on the Atlantic coast, in the noroccidental end of the gulf San Matías separated to each other by 15 kilometers to which you arrives by the national route #3 or for the provincial one #2.

SAN ANTONIO OESTE was founded in 1905 and had an important impulse when in 1908 the construction of the railroad to unite this port with the Andes begun. The port had an important activity up to 1950, but starting from there it is practically in disuse because of a series of political and economic questions.
In 1983 it begins to operate San Antonio Este's modern port (natural port of deep waters), located few kilometers to the east of San Antonio Oeste from where almost the whole fruti-horticultural production of the High Valley of Río Negro and Neuquén, besides a series of products of the whole region.

LAS GRUTAS begin to be gestated at the beginning of the years 60, when San Antonio Oeste’s residents discover the attractiveness of those beaches: temperate and transparent water that when the tide goes up they cover the sand beaches, arriving to some caves that are in the base of the cliffs.
Starting from the decade of the 70 investors of the cities of the High Valley (mainly General Roca, Cipolletti and Neuquén) they begin to build summer houses, in 1989 the provincial casino is inaugurated and today it has all the services to offer the tourist a comfortable stay.
The city is located on the border of a plateau that falls on the sea and the accesses to the beach are denominated “slopes” which are numbered from 0 to 7 (0 is the closest to downtown).

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Las Grutas and San Antonio Oeste
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