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Travel guide to Lican Ray and Panguipulli, Patagonia Chile

Lican Ray and Panguipulli: Tourism information about this beatiful area including fly fishing, hotels, services, map and more in Lican Ray and Panguipulli, Chile

LICAN RAY (rock flower): Attractive spa of 1,700 inhabitants in the north coast of the Calafquén lake. Just 30 kilometers to the south of Villarrica by asphalted road.
It is one of the few spas that was born as such, not as a town of lumbermen or agricultural services, as most of the establishments in the riversides of the lakes. With many hotels, motels, restaurants, coffees and night amusement centers.

PANGUIPULLI (land of lions): Located in the noroccidental end of the lake of the same name. The city has 8.500 inhabitants and it is municipality head of an area that embraces the lakes Panguipulli, Pirihueico, Neltume, Pellaifa and south of the Calafquén.
In the decade of 1980 thousands of rosebushes were planted in their streets and gardens; during the summer, when these are flourished, to walk for the streets of Panguipulli becomes unforgettable.

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Lican Ray and Panguipulli
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