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Travel guide to Lonquimay and Curacautin, Patagonia Chile

Lonquimay and Curacautin: Tourism information about this beatiful area including Tolhuaca thermal baths, hotels, services, map and more in Lonquimay and Curacautin, Chile

CURACAUTIN is located 56 kilometers to Victoria's west, in a walled valley for the volcanos Tolhuaca, Lonquimay and Llaima, which are seen from the city.
It was a passing place for the tribes mapuches that lived to both sides of the Mountain range of the Andes and that in summer they ascended to gather pinenuts (fruit of the “araucarias” trees), base of their feeding.
Excellent starting point for rides in the mountain range: to the National Park Conguillio toward the south, Thermal baths of Tolhuaca and Thermal baths of Manzanar to the north and Lonquimay toward the east.
To go to this city there are two variants: 1) by the hill “Las Raíces”, a beautiful ascent among the natural forests with view toward the river Biobío and inclusive of Argentina; 2) by the tunnel “Las Raíces”, a railroad tunnel also used for cars, the longest in South America (4528 meters), and 1000 meters over the sea level that in winter its roof is full of ice stalactites hanging.

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Lonquimay and Curacautin
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