Los Angeles and the Laja waterfall - Patagonia Chile

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Travel guide to Los Angeles and the Laja waterfall, Patagonia Chile

Los Angeles and the Laja waterfall: Tourism information about this beatiful area including the National Park 'Laguna del Laja', hotels, trips, map and more in Los Angeles, Chile

LOS ANGELES: capital of the province of Biobío with more than 90,000 inhabitants this city is surrounded by the rivers Laja and Biobío.
In the decade of 1980 Los Angeles was the city of Chile with more populational growth, it has a powerful agroindustry and three cellulose plants in their surroundings.
It is a city very well cared with beautiful avenues, an important night life and an architecture to highlight. An unforgettable trip: to “Laguna del Laja” (national park), 90 kilometers to the east where there are also very good ski hints.

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Los Angeles and the Laja waterfall
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