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Travel guide to Perito Moreno - Los Antiguos, Patagonia Argentina

Perito Moreno - Los Antiguos: Travel guide featuring the indigenous paintings of 'Cueva de las Manos' (Cave of the Hands). Hotels, trips, maps and more. Perito Moreno, Argentina

PERITO MORENO is located in the intersection of the national route #40 and the #43 very near the nascent of the Deseado river in the lake Buenos Aires, in the northwest of Santa Cruz's province. Called the “archaeological capital” of the province, since one of the main attractiveness is its proximity to the Cave of The Hands.
23 kilometers to the west by the route #43, you arrives at the lake Buenos Aires, an excellent fishing place, when the wind allows it. This lake is bi-national and in Chile is called General Carrera and it is the most extensive in the Patagonia. The second in South America after the Titicaca.
The route continues skirting the lake and 42 kilometers toward the west you arrives to Los Antiguos.

LOS ANTIGUOS is located just 8 kilometers from the town Chile Chico in the Republic of Chile through the border Pass Río Jeinemeni.
This town became famous in 1991 because it was covered of ash by the eruption of the Volcano Hudson in the Chilean mountain range.
The climate of the region is quite rigorous but due to the proximity of such a big lake and to be summoned in a valley, it possesses a microclimate that have allowed this place to produce vegetables, honey and fine fruits (cherries, strawberries, raspberries), to such a point that in the first weekend of January takes place in this town the Provincial Party of The Cherry.
It is also a strategic place to organize fishing trips and walks to places so inhospitable as spectacular.
It has a small hotel infrastructure and some hostels in the surroundings.

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Perito Moreno - Los Antiguos
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