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Travel guide to Piedra Buena and Puerto Santa Cruz, Patagonia Argentina

Piedra Buena and Puerto Santa Cruz: Travel guide featuring hotels listings, trips descriptions, maps and services. Steelhead fly fishing in Comandante Luis Piedra Buena, Argentina

COMANDANTE LUIS PIEDRA BUENA: Located among Puerto San Julián and Río Gallegos when the national route #3 cross the river Santa Cruz on the north bank.
Crossing the bridge and some kilometers toward the east is located Puerto Santa Cruz, almost at the end of the estuary that forms the outlet of the river in the sea. As son as you leave the town toward the south you’ll see the Pavón island where the Commandant Luis Piedra Buena hoisted in 1862 the first Argentinean flag in the Patagonia.
In the island there is a museum that works in the house rebuilt such as Piedrabuena inhabited it from 1859.
The river Santa Cruz that is born in the Argentino lake, almost 400 kilometers to the west, receives before the outlet the affluence of the river Chico forming that great estuary that confuse itself with the sea where they inhabit colonies of Magellan penguins, marine wolves and different varieties of marine birds.
Upstream there are several Estancias (ranchs) dedicated to the sheep cattle raising whose main houses are seated preferably on the coast of the river, in natural first floor, to be protected of the strong winds of the patagonia.
In these last years the fly fishing sport is increasing in the Santa Cruz river wich from december to march is a good steelhead fishery.

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Piedra Buena and Puerto Santa Cruz
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