Piedra del Aguila - Patagonia Argentina

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Travel guide to Piedra del Aguila, Patagonia Argentina

Piedra del Aguila: Travel guide featuring hotels listings, trips descriptions, maps and services. Fly fishing the river Limay in Piedra del Aguila, Patagonia Argentina.

PIEDRA DEL AGUILA: 3,400 inhabitants. It is a center of services on the route 237, almost 230 kolometers away from Neuquén city.
The travelers that go toward the tourist centers in the Andes find here fuel stations, restaurants and hostels.
A very particular rocky formation that gives the name to this place is seen on the south. 20 kilometers away, on the river Limay, you can visit the monumental hydroelectric dike.
As much the reservoirs as the course of the river are ideal for the fishing sport in many different modalities and very good brown trouts, rainbows and perchs can be obtained.

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