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Travel guide to Pucon, Patagonia Chile

Pucon: Tourism information about this beatiful area including the volcano Villarrica, ski center, thermal baths, lake Caburgua, hotels, trips, map and more in Pucon, Chile

PUCON: located 24 kilometers to the west of Villarrica on the oriental end of the lake of the same name.
Born from military fortification installed in 1883 and it begins to grow slowly after 1904 when a German colony settles next to the river Trancura.
It was center of the fishing sport being invented here the fishing boat used to go downstrean; from 1930 the hotel Gudenschwager already housed fishermen.
The opening of the Gran Hotel Pucon in 1934 that was built by Ferrocarriles del Estado, gave a great impulse to the city growth. The later construction of the coastal highway determined the current development of Pucón, favoring the construction of hotels, condominiums, residential, campings, along the 24 kms of the south riverside that unite it to Villarrica.

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