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Travel guide to Puerto Aisen - La Junta - Pt. Puyuhuapi - Puerto Cisnes, Patagonia Chile

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Puerto Aisen: bridge over the  river Aysen (click to enlarge)

PUERTO AISEN: beautiful city of 13,000 inhabitants where the rivers Aisén and Palos end in the fiord of Aisén.
In the decade of 1910, a cattle company builds a jetty and cellars and at the end of 1928 this is designated as municipality.
It was a fluvial port for big ships, but the silts crawled by the rivers in the time of the fires, they ruined it.
Today the port is Chacabuco, 15 kilometers away from Puerto Aisén.

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Puerto Aisen - Puerto Cisnes -La Junta - Puyuhuapi
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