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Travel guide to Puerto Deseado, Patagonia Argentina

Puerto Deseado: Travel guide featuring 'Bosque Petrificado' (petrified forest), hotels listings, maps and services. Know more about Puerto Deseado, Santa Cruz, Argentina

PUERTO DESEADO: in Santa Cruz's province 210 kilometers to the south of Caleta Olivia located on the north margin of the Deseado creek.
Port that been founded in 1884 where there go aboard leathers and wool that are produced in the area. It is the port of bigger fishing activity of the province.
In 1909 the station of the old “Ferrocarril Patagónico” (railroad of the patagonia) was built to where until few years ago a train coming from the city of Las Heras arrived.
In this region of the Atlantic coast there are very important populations of birds and marine mammals besides the typical fauna (gumps, ‘choiques’, hares, gray foxes, bustards, ‘piches’), and the government of Santa Cruz's province has created several natural reservations including the Deseado Creek one.
There are several creeks in the coast, frequented by the fanatics of the fishing of the shark (they come from other points of the country and from the exterior), where you can obtain pieces of great size.
One of the attractiveness of more relevance is the Natural Monument “Bosque Petrificado” (Petrified Forest), located to the Southwest of the station Jaramillo in a depression called Bajo del Guanaco, where there are pieces of 35 meters long and 3 meters thick that which determines that they are the biggest fossilized trees in the world.

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Puerto Deseado
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