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Travel guide to Puerto Madryn Argentina, right whale watching at Peninsula Valdes.

PUERTO MADRYN : gateway to the whales, seals, penguins and more. Excursion to Punta Tombo and Peninsula Valdes featuring Right Whale Watching, scuba diving and more..

PUERTO MADRYN ARGENTINA: almost 50,000 inhabitants, located to the northeast of the Chubut province beside the Nuevo gulf to the south of the Peninsula Valdes, been founded in 1886 when the project of the railroad that unite it to Trelew is summed up.
It grows vertiginously starting from the development of the tourism in the 60’s and with the construction of an aluminum plant producer (ALUAR) in the decade of the 1970. It has an important hotel infrastructure and it is visited by tourists of all parts of the world that use it as entrance door to the Valdes peninsula right whale watching.
This peninsula is the biggest in the Atlantic coast and it possesses a very varied and surprising marine fauna where the vedette is without a doubt, the Southern Right Whale. Besides the whale watching, Puerto Madryn has other tourist alternatives as the diving (is considered the capital of the Argentinean diving) that allow the observation of the submarine flora and fauna due to the transparency of its waters. Another option is the mining tourism, entering to the depths of a mine of minerals located in Bajos del Gualicho, 130 kilometers to the northwest of the city.
Puerto Madryn is an attractive city itself, where it is very pleasant to go for a walk by its beautiful coastal avenue, to enjoy the calm beaches of transparent water, or to travel by car the surroundings with spectacular views of the cliffs on the sea. In the industrial park area is located the jetty Almirante Storni built in the decade of the 70’s that goes into the sea 1.5 kilometers. There it is worthwhile to visit the fish processing plant and the aluminum plant mentioned at the beginning. Right Whale Watching at Peninsula Valdes and Puerto Madryn, Patagonia Argentina.

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It is located in the northeast of the Chubut province, 80 kilometers to the north of Puerto Madryn. With a surface of 3,600 square kilometers it is the biggest peninsula in the Atlantic coast, harboring in their costs and waters an important mammal congregation and marine birds. It is united to the continent by the isthmus Carlos Ameghino of more than 30 kilometers long, which divides to the sea in the gulves ‘San José’ to the north, and ‘Nuevo’ to the south. Inside the peninsula it exist a natural depression that is 40 meters under the level of the sea, in which they are the saline ‘Grande’ and ‘Chica’ almost occupying 50 square kilometers among both. The landscape is that of the typical patagonic steppe, but its biggest attractiveness resides in its fauna wealth, separated in different natural reservations internationally renowned.
The trips inside the Peninsula Valdes are detailed in the page of Puerto Pirámides.
Punta Tombo penguin colony
Punta Tombo near Puerto Madryn

it is located 170 kilometers to the south of Puerto Madryn by the provincial route #1 on the coast of the ocean Atlantic. It is a tongue of 3 kilometers that goes into in the sea with beaches to both sides and a surface of 210 hectares. In this space it nests the biggest quantity Magellan penguins of the continent (180,000 couples). One of the big curiosities is that the penguins besides being monogamous, every year they look for the same nest. In Punta Tombo is possible also to observe other species that nest there: the gulls that steal eggs and pigeons of penguins, the hijackers that pursue them and the antarctic doves looking for broken eggs of cormorán.

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Puerto Madryn & Peninsula Valdes
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