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Travel guide to Puerto Piramides, Patagonia Argentina

Puerto Piramides: gateway to the whales, penguins. Tourism information of Puerto Piramides in Peninsula Valdes, known for Orca - Killer Whale, Right Whale watching & scuba diving.

PUERTO PIRAMIDES it is a village with a stable population of less than 200 inhabitants. It is the only one in the Valdés Peninsula Valdéz wich has an extension of 3.600 square kilometers.
This peninsula is joined to the continent by the isthmus Carlos Ameghino that divides the sea in two gulves: San José to the north and Nuevo to the south. Puerto Pirámides is on the Nuevo gulf, has a beach protected by cliffs with pyramid shape (then its name) and one of the biggest attractiveness in the Patagonia: the Southern Right Whale comes every year in groups to give birth to her calves in these crystalline and protected waters.
From Puerto Pirámides you can take the embarked trips to observe the whales. You can see them from the coast but when making it embarked a such approach is achieved that transforms it in a startling experience.
In the 400 kilometers of coast of the Valdés peninsula it is possible to find exemplary of all the marine animals of the Patagonia. Besides the Southern Right Whale, dolphins are come, marine elephants (the biggest in the planet), wolves and marine leopards.
A separated paragraph deserves the mention of the orcas (killer whale), a mammal of the order of the cetaceans, black color with white stomach that can reach 10 meters of longitude.
It appears between the months of February and May in Punta Norte of the peninsula Valdés and to see them hunting a careless marine wolf on the coast is an impressive show. Among the birds that inhabit the peninsula there are penguins, gulls, seabird, cormorans and antarctic doves.

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Puerto Piramides
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