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Travel guide to Puerto Varas, Patagonia Chile

Puerto Varas: Tourism information about this beatiful area including the lake Llanquihue, volcano Calbuco, hotels listings, trips, map and more in Puerto Varas, Chile.

PUERTO VARAS: been founded in 1854, with 28,000 inhabitants and located in the extreme south-west of the lake Llanquihue, was the center of the lake navigation and exit port for the lake commerce toward Puerto Montt.
It takes an important tourist peak in 1934 with the construction of the Gran Hotel Puerto Varas (today is a casino), and then with the opening of the route to Ensenada by the south margin of the lake.
Leaving Puerto Varas one can give the turn to the lake Llanquihue going by Ensenada, Puerto Octay, Frutillar and Llanquihue to arrive then to the beginning point.
There are around 156 kilometers with the fabulous view of the lake and the volcanos Osorno and Calbuco. It is a very good way to understand the history of the colonists (largely German) that they settled down in this riverside covered with forest and they were devoted to the agriculture.

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Puerto Varas
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