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Travel guide to Rio Gallegos , Patagonia Argentina

Rio Gallegos: Travel guide featuring excellent fly fishing for seatrout, hotels listings, trips description, maps and services. Know more about Rio Gallegos, Argentina.

RIO GALLEGOS: capital of Santa Cruz province. With near 70,000 inhabitants, it is the main financial and administrative center of the south of the Patagonia.
Located in the south riverbank of the Gallegos river, 18 kilometers from its outlet in the sea. Seated on a plain with a soft decline toward the river. Been founded in 1885 but newly in 1943 it begins to have importance with the exploitation of the carboniferous locations of Río Turbio.
Today it receives through the railroad the production of those locations that from the Gallegos river port it is distributed to other points of the territory. it has a petroleum distribution center and a very important freezing plant of sheep meat.
The climate in this area is very rigorous, mainly in winter, where they register temperatures of up to -20° C. It gets the attention the width of the tides in this sector of the Atlantic coast, therefore it is possible to see in the port ships literally beached on the sand to float again when the tide goes up.
From Rio Gallegos there are many interesting trips toward: Puentee Güer Aike, The Reservation of Cabo Vírgenes with their impressive penguin place, Locations El Cóndor, Cerro Redondo and others.
The FLY FISHING is becoming the top tourist activity since the river Gallegos is an excellent fishery for brown trout that feeds in the sea resulting in large size seatrout.

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Rio Gallegos
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