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Travel guide to Rio Turbio, Patagonia Argentina

Rio Turbio: Travel guide featuring ski and snowboard with the first illuminated ski hint, hotels listings, trips, maps and services. Know more about Rio Turbio, Argentina.

Rio Turbio, Santa Cruz: winter

RIO TURBIO: located 280 kilometers to the west of Río Gallegos and 6 kilometers from Chile.
At the end of the XIX century their carboniferous locations were discovered but newly in 1940 they began to be exploited with intensity due to the demand because of the second World War. Starting from there the carboniferous basin of Rio Turbio became the most important in the country and one of the pillars of the Santa Cruz province economy until the decade of 1990, where it declined the demand sensibly.
To take out the coal, a railroad was built in 1960 to the coast, following the course of the Gallegos river.
4 kilometers away there’s a ski center frequented in winter by the Río Gallegos inhabitants wich is the first one in South America with illuminated hint. From the highest part in the hint you can see the summits of the National Park Torres del Paine in Chile and the breasts of the pacific ocean in the Chilean costs.
By the national route #40 60 kilometers toward the east you arrives to the estancia (ranch) Stag River, where a non conventional tourism is offered that will allow you to live memorable experiences.

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Rio Turbio
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