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SAN MARTIN DE LOS ANDES: with more than 23,000 inhabitants it is the town head of the National Park Lanín, one of the most extensive and beautiful of Argentina. It is summoned in the oriental end of the lake Lacar, where the glacier valley passes from the lacustrine mirror to the urban place, typical mountain town. Born as military outpost in 1898, the identity of San Martin de los Andes has its roots in the first contacts that settled down between the indigenous towns and the white or “huinca” that dominated the region militarily. Today, this city that was born between military actions, ancestral traditions of the mapuche population and the permanent work of the residents, is the main tourist center of the Neuquén province in an area that offers resources of singular beauty in the four seasons. From the ski hints of Chapelco hill endowed with modern infrastructure to enjoy the winter sports to the formidable show of the autumn in the mountain walks, the nature and the man has built an exceptional landscape. From San Martin to Villa La Angostura, distant 110 kilometers toward the south, expands the beautiful seven lakes road (route #234), no asphalt, serpentine, that crosses dense forests of enormous trees, mountain tracts, picturesque streams, hostels and seven lakes in an incomparable mark.

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San Martin de los Andes
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