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Travel guide to Sierra Grande, Patagonia Argentina

Sierra Grande: Travel guide featuring Playas Doradas, hotels listings, trips description, maps and services. Know more about Sierra Grande and Playas Doradas, Rio Negro, Argentina.

SIERRA GRANDE: located 120 kilometers to the south of Las Grutas by the national route #3. Founded October 19 1903 where a postal courier already existed from 1890.
In 1944 are discovered the iron locations what alters the litany of the town giving a notable impulse to the community. In 1967 the company Hipasam is created to exploit the iron basin doing it up to 1992.
Starting from then, their inhabitants begin to emigrate to other points of the country and those that are still, they suffer the consequences of living in a practically abandoned town.
For the tourists that travel the patagonia by car through the national route #3, Sierra Grande is a forced stop since starting from there toward the south the fuel price for the vehicles is about the half, therefore the fuel stations are quiet busy.
Sierra Grande inhabitants have found a tourist vein offering to the travelers a trip to the tunnels of the mines called “travel to the center of the earth” that is really very interesting.
Few kilometers to the east, on the coast, is located Playas Doradas, a village of 60 inhabitants that year after year the tourist affluence attracted by the quality and tranquility of its beaches has been increased.
Today it has some modest lodgings, but it is not discarded that in the future it can be important tourist center.

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Sierra Grande
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