Temuco - Patagonia Chile

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Travel guide to Temuco, Patagonia Chile

Temuco: Tourism information including the volcano Llaima and the National Park Conguillio. Ski and snowboard, very good hotels and more in Temuco, Chile.

TEMUCO: capital Of the IX region of the Araucanía. Been founded in 1881 it prospered quickly as city because of a multinational emigration, especially of Spaniards, French and German, to become today one of those of bigger development of the country.
Here you will find the biggest and more varied sample in the Mapuche Culture.
At the present time it has 211,000 inhabitants approximately, it is located in the riverside of the Cautín river and 162 kilometers to the west of the volcano Llaima that together with the volcano Villarrica, has the record of 10 eruptions each one during the XX century.

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