Tolhuin - Patagonia Argentina

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Travel guide to Tolhuin, Patagonia Argentina

Tolhuin: Travel guide featuring very good fly fishing, the Fagnano lake, hotels listings, trips description, maps and services. Know more about Tolhuin, Tierra del Fuego.

Lago Fagnano: Kaiken hostel

TOLHUIN: a town with 1.200 inhabitants located next to the national route #3 in the means between Río Grande and Ushuaia, very near the head of the lake Fagnano.
It is the place of stop of the buses that travel among the two cities for a rest, to take or to eat something. In the surroundings of Tolhuin and mainly in route to the lake there are some complexes of cabins that are increased year after year, and also weekend houses that are used mainly by people of Río Grande, to be in a beautiful place.
From there you can leave walking until the head of the lake Fagnano in a very pleasant walk. There are several sawmills in the surroundings that make to the economy of the town, and countless places to visit.

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