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Travel guide to Trelew, Rawson and Gaiman, Patagonia Argentina

Trelew, Rawson and Gaiman: Travel guide featuring hotels listings, trips descriptions, maps and photo galleries. Know more about Trelew, Rawson and Gaiman. Patagonia, Argentina.

Gaiman: an old house

These 3 cities are located in the inferior valley of the river Chubut near its outlet in the sea. By the national route #3 70 kilometers to the south of Puerto Madryn you arrives to the most important that is,

TRELEW: Founded in October 20 1884 it’s a city of 88,400 inhabitants. It is the second city of the Chubut province after Comodoro Rivadavia. It has a lot of movement since its airport receives all the tourism of the region and it is communicated with Esquel in the Andes through the national route #25. It has an important hotel infrastructure, restaurants, show rooms, entertainment centers and several tourist operators.
In the paleontological locations of this province, they have been found unique pieces that are exposed in the Museum Edigio Feruglio, as testimonies of the evolution of the life in our planet. One of the best in its type in the whole country.
In Trelew every year takes place the ‘Eisteddfod’, the most important cultural event for Welsh, where soloists, choirs and groups not only compete in song, but also in poetry and plastic to be taken the prize.

RAWSON: Capital of the province with 25,500 inhabitants located just 20 kilometers to the east of Trelew near the outlet of the river Chubut. Of a very blended architecture, headquarters of the administrative activity of the province.
6 kilometers toward the sea is the spa of Playa Unión very converged by the inhabitants of the inferior valley with a very pretty coastal, good beaches and weekend houses.

GAIMAN: Small city of 4,300 inhabitants located 17 kilometers to the west of Trelew been founded for Welsh in 1884. Today it still conserves all the traditions of their first colonists among those that it stands out the ritual of the tea.
It is a pleasure to stop in some of the specialized houses of Gaiman in this ritual, to enjoy a coquettish table with lemon pie, black cake, tarts of cream and apple, recently baked breads, shortening and homemade candies.
In the city, there are two Welsh chapels that we recommend to visit: the chapel Vieja (old) built in 1880 and the chapel Bethel built in 1913.

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Trelew, Rawson and Gaiman
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