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Travel guide to Trevelin, Patagonia Argentina

Trevelin: Travel guide featuring the National Park Los Alerces, hotels listings, trips descriptions. Know more about Trevelin, Chubut. Patagonia, Argentina.

TREVELIN: located 22 kilometers to the southwest of Esquel by the national route #259, in the ’16 de octubre’ valley.
Was the first place that the Welsh colonists chose to settle around 1888 where they established a true commercial center that embraced Corcovado and Palena and Futaleufú in Chile
The colonists built with stone the floury mill Evans the one which gave the name to the town (Trevelín means “Town of the Mill” in Welsh). At the moment it maintains their open doors as museum and in the facade of the building it can be read “Molino Andes y Cía”.
Trevelin is a beautiful city of low houses that continues keeping the traditions of its old Welsh residents in their Tea Houses.
It has hostels, cabins, tourist departments, restaurants, campings and sale of crafts, chocolates, sweet and regional cheeses.
From Trevelin the most attractive trips are: 1) Lake Rosario, a spectacular place to the south that has an indigenous village where sheep wool crafts are gotten. 2) Nant y Fall, the first Provincial Protected Area of tourist use in the mountain range, in whose forests there is a path that allows to arrive to the cascades La Petisa, Las Mellizas and El Salto Grande. 3) Hydroelectric Complex Futaleufú, imposing engineering work that can be traveled through guided visits. 4) River Futaleufú also called Grande ends in the Yelcho lake in Chile and it allows activities like fishing and rafting.

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