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Valdivia: Isla Teja

VALDIVIA: one of the most beautiful cities in Chile with 135,000 inhabitants. Been founded in 1552, refounded in 1645 and strongly fortified in the XVIII century.
Their great urban impulse acquires it with the German immigration that prints its stamp to the city, transforming it in one of the most important industrial centers in Chile with factories of beer, mills, tanneries, navy (it is fluvial port), and the first high oven of the country in 1913.
It was desolated by an earthquake in 1960 and it has been beautifully rebuilt. In the 2nd and 3rd week of February it takes place the "valdivian week" (you should reserve hotel in advance), and beside the Calle Calle river that crosses the city, handmade fairs and the works of the international painting competition "Valdivia and the river" are presented.
The extravaganza is the final night next to the river, with ship parade and fireworks. You can’t miss the ship journey in the estuary of the Valdivia river, knowing the defensive system created by the Spaniards in which was the most powerful fortification in the south pacific.

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