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Travel guide to Viedma and Carmen de Patagones, Patagonia Argentina

Viedma and Carmen de Patagones: Travel guide featuring Bahia San Blas shark fishing, hotels, trips, maps and services. Know more about Viedma, Rio Negro, and Carmen de Patagones, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

VIEDMA (Rio Negro) and Carmen de Patagones (Buenos Aires): two cities separated by the waters of the mighty Negro river and that surprisingly, although they have a history in common, each one belongs to a different provincial jurisdiction.
Carmen de Patagones in the north riverside belongs to the Buenos Aires province and Viedma in the south riverside is the capital of the Río Negro province. Around 1779 a Spanish called Don Francisco de Viedma founded a fortification in the south margin of the Negro river that after few months, due to a grown of the river, he should move to the opposed bank where Carmen de Patagones arises.
At the present time they are united by bridges and there are also services of boats to move from one bank to the other.

VIEDMA has today 47,000 inhabitants and if we consider “Viedma-Patagones District” the population surpasses the 70,000 inhabitants.
Viedma has an attractive and tree-lined coastal that accompanies the riverside for 2 kilometers. This place is the point of arrival of the yacht of kayaks of the Negro river that runs every year in the month of January between Neuquén and Viedma through 1,000 kilometers of river (one of the longest of the world).
30 kilometers to the east in the outlet of the Negro river in the sea it is the spa El Cóndor where the oldest lighthouse in the Argentinean territory is, built in 1887. 30 kilometers more by the coast of the sea is La Lobería, one of the colonies of One Hair Marine Wolves more important of the country (2,500 of them in the summer).

CARMEN DE PATAGONES has very interesting historical testimonies as the towers of the church and the fortification built in 1779. The Buenos Aires province has promulgated a law for which the historical helmet of the city should remain unaffected.
There they are true relics of the colonial past like ‘La Carlota’, a house built with ‘adobe’ (mud and straw); the barrack of Sassemberg; the old Command; the street of the canyons; the old jetty; the bar and the theater of the port.

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Viedma and Carmen de Patagones
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