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Travel guide to Villa Traful, Patagonia Argentina

Villa Traful: Travel guide featuring very goog fly fishing, hotels listings, trips description, maps and services. Know more about Villa Traful, Neuquen, Argentina.

VILLA TRAFUL: located on the south margin of the Traful lake to the side of the provincial route #65 that connects it with the route of the 7 lakes toward the west and toward the east with the route 237 that goes to Bariloche to the south or to Neuquén to the northeast.
A village located in a spectacular mountain range mark with typical constructions of the area where the trunks and the wood prevail that give to the place that dream appearance.
The fly fishing, together with the trekking, are the main attractiveness of the village. In the lake Traful like in the fisheries of the rivers Machónico, Catarata and Pichi Traful, one of the more coveted species by the lovers of the “fly casting” has adapted: the “Salmo Salar Sebago”, commonly known as land-locked salmon, besides an important population of brown trouts, brook and rainbow.
In the surroundings of the village there is a series of paths that take you to miradors, waterfalls, closed forests and spectacular places.
Villa Traful is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in the mountain range of the Neuquen province to appreciate the colors of the autumn in all its splendor.

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Villa Traful
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