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Travel guide to Villarrica, Patagonia Chile

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VILLARRICA: been founded in 1552 the object was the gold laundries and to assure the step during the winter toward the “pampas” and Atlantic coast that belonged to the General Captaincy of Chile. In 1598 there was a mapuche rebellion and their last inhabitants perished in 1602.
Almost three centuries later, January 31 of 1882, a military contingent arrives at the lake and obtains the final submission of the mapuche population in the State of Chile and Villarrica is re-founded over the ruins of the old city.
It possesses a splendid view toward the volcano Villarrica (2540 meters), one of the two more active in the XX century, and it is summoned in the west coast of the lake of the same name, from where the river Toltén is born.

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