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What to do in Alumine & Villa Pehuenia, Patagonia Argentina

Main Activities

In the surroundings of Aluminé countless streams, rivers and lakes exist (Moquehue, Aluminé, Ñorquinco, Pulmarí, Quillén, Litrán, Kilca, Relén, Malalco), where the sport fishermen can obtain big satisfactions and to enjoy exceptional landscapes. The species that can be captured are: rainbow trout, brown trout, brook trout and Creole perch. Don't forget to “Catch & Release”.
The experts say that the river Aluminé is the best domestic river for the practice of the rafting, with rapids that go from grade 4 to grade 2. The circuit for the experts is “Aluminé Superior” and for those that want to have a good time with family or friends, the circuit “Abra Ancha”.
Pehuenia Circuit:
It is a journey of 170 kilometers that includes the visit to five lakes, several rivers and streams, araucaria forests and the north part of the National Park Lanín. From Aluminé toward the north by the provincial route #23 the road skirts the river Aluminé until arriving at the lake of the same name after traveling 50 kilometers. This itinerary lapses in a typical landscape of the pre-mountain range, surrounded of sharp and rocky hills almost without vegetation, but of an imposing magnitude. The lake Aluminé is skirted by the east part and to the 63 kilometers of the starting point it is Villa Pehuenia, a place of summer houses on the coast of the lake, impelled for some decades by inhabitants of the cities Zapala and Neuquén. The road continues skirting the lake until arriving to La Angostura, union of the lakes Aluminé and Moquehue, going by the route #11 that takes to the lake Moquehue and to this height we are in a forested area where the ‘pehuenes’ (araucarias), coihues, lengas, ñires and notros prevail at the base of the majestic hill ‘Bella Durmiente’. The landscape changes permanently and after traveling 57 kilometers from Villa Pehuenia the lakes Nompehuén and Ñorquinco appear, this last of blue waters surrounded by mountains covered with araucaria forests. We are in the sectional north of the National Park Lanín and from the house of the park guard there is a signalled path that it takes us to “Las Cascadas”, very beautiful waterfall that when smashing against the rocks it generates countless rainbow with the solar rays. Later on we meet with the small lake Pulmarí and the river of the same name that it is flowing of the river Aluminé. From this fork we return to the town of Aluminé by the same road that we begun the journey.
To Batea Mahuida Snow Park:
Leaving from Villa Pehuenia toward Moquehue you arrive to the barrier of Gendarmería Nacional of the Section Icalma. To 3 kilometers of that place you arrive to the access to the Volcano Batea Mahuida in whose hillside is the Park of Snow property of the community ‘Mapuche Puel’, inaugurated in the year 2001. It has a means of elevation of haulage of 300 meters, coffee shop and rent of skis. In summer they can be carried out trips by horse, foot or bicycle by surrounded paths of a beautiful landscape. And if you take charge in advance you can savor an exquisite goat of the area. We guarantee you that from the Batea Mahuida one of the most spectacular views in the whole Patagonia is obtained that includes besides the system of the lakes Aluminé and Moquehue, the volcanos Villarrica, Lanín, Lonquimay and Llaima that frequently discharges a soft column of white smoke.

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