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What to do in Ancud, Patagonia Chile

Places to visit in the city

The fortification San Antonio. In a surrounded esplanade of canyons to protect the entrance to the port. January 19 1826 was the day that the last Spanish flag flamed in Chile and it was in fact in this place, on the bay of Ancud.
Mirador Hill Huahuén. Located in a high point in front of the channel Chacao. From there there is an excellent view of the city; it is possible to see the continent coasts and the islands.
Museum Azul of the Islands of Chiloé. It is a sample of the cultural reality of the archipelago where it is exhibited the history and craft of Chiloé. In one of the patios there is a natural size replica of the schooner Ancud that took possession of Magellan's Strait in 1843.
To peninsula Lacuy: leave from Ancud toward the west going by Lechagua, a beach with cabins and camping site. Travel 7 more kilometers and stray to the left by the coastal road toward Pumillahue. You’ll get to a bay where you will see in front and very close, the Islands of Puñihuil, the only place of the Chilean coast where during 6 months of the year they nest together, penguins of Humboldt and Magellan. There are trips around the islands in rubber boats that allow to see the penguins and sea otters. 1 kilometer later on when arriving to Quetalmahue you can see in its port, hatcheries of oysters. Return to 7 kilometers before Lechagua and take to the left to skirt the gulf of Quetalmahue, to enter in the peninsula Lacuy and to arrive to the ruins of the Castle San Miguel de Agüi, built in 1779.
To Caulín, Chacao, Manao and Quemchi: leave from Ancud toward the northeast by the coast of the channel Chacao; after 27 kilometers you will arrive to a bay where is located the country property ‘Los Cisnes’, inside which is the Hotel Caulín. It has cabins, beach, restaurant, tennis court, rent of horses. In the bay of Caulín they can be observed great variety of birds in different times of the year like flamingos and swans of black neck. Also in Caulín we recommend you to visit the hatcheries of Chilean oysters and a famous restaurant called ‘Ostras Caulín’ that is open the whole year. 9 kilometers ahead you will arrive to Chacao (locus in quo the ferry of Pargua arrives coming from Puerto Montt). Continue skirting the interior sea and you will enter in a peninsula where Manao is. This peninsula separates the bay of Manao from the gulf of Hueihue. In both places you can visit hatcheries of oysters. Continue toward the south by the coast going by Linao, Lliuco, with good beach from where you will see the volcanos Osorno, Calbuco, Yates and Hornopirén. Continuing toward the south the road separates from the sea, it goes by fields of cattleman-milkmen colonized by European families at the end of the XIX century, and you will arrive to Quemchi (1,400 inhabitants), with a municipal factory of fabrics and a famous artisan for their ships in miniature.

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