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Activities in San Carlos de Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina.

What to do: San Carlos de Bariloche

Short Circuit & Cerro Catedral excursions

Duration: Half Day
Available: All year round

After breakfast we will leave by taking Bustillo Avenue, skirting Nahuel Huapi lake, enjoying views of it, Huemul Island, Playa Bonita, till we arrive at Llao Llao village, where we will get off the bus to get to know the chapel and the representative Llao Llao Hotel. We will go on to the Panoramic spot, where we will get one of the best outlooks of the area. Back on Bustillo Avenue, we will stop at the foothill of Cerro Campanario, to go up (optional) and see from its summit the eighth best view of the world according to National Geographic.We will go down and get back to Bariloche at noon. After lunch (optional) departure to Cerro Catedral, one of the most famous ski centres in South America. It features lodging, its own transportation means, excellent tracks and ski lifts. During winter it can be used for skiing, and adventure activities can be performed for the rest of the year (special excursions.) Return to Bariloche. More...

Seven Lakes Excursion: to San Martin de Los Andes by the 7 Lakes route

Duration: Full Day
Available: September to May
Taking National Route Nr 237 northwards, the Nahuel Huapy is skirted, arriving at Villa La Angostura, where “Route of Seven Lakes” starts, among woods. There, these lakes follow one another: Espejo, Correntoso, Escondido, Villarino, Falkner, Machónico and Lácar Lake, in whose banks stand San Martin de Los Andes Town. On our way back we will drive past Meliquina Lake, Paso Córdoba and border Traful River up to its confluence with Limay River, where Enchanted Valley is found. Then, we will go on to Bariloche. More...

Navigation To Puerto Blest and Cascada de los Cántaros, with extension to Frías lake
Duration: Full Day
Available: September to May
Starting from Puerto Pañuelo, we will sail Lago Nahuel Huapi and as we reach Brazo Blest, we can see the Centinela Island, where Francisco P. Moreno, creator of National Parks, lies. After an hour boat ride, we will arrive at Los Cántaros Lake, whose outfall supplies the waterfall. The beauty of the falls can be contemplated from some watchtowers on the path. Afterwards, crossing to the opposite bank we will land in Puerto Blest, where we will have lunch. Driving 3 km from there we will reach Puerto Alegre to sail Lago Frias, till we arrive at Puerto Frias. More...
Navigation to Victoria Island and Arrayanes Wood

Duration: Full Day
Available: All year round
Excursion starts at Pañuelo Port, 25 km away from the city, opposite Llao Llao Hotel, at which you can arrive by bus or by car. After sailing for 40 minutes the Nahuel Huapi Lake,landing takes place at Anchorena Port, located in the centre of the island. An amazing view of Anchorena Bay as well as the wholezone of Llao Llao and Pañuelo Port –further- can be appreciated from the panoramic point located atMonte Bella Vista. Other options are a stroll to Gross Port or a visit to rupestrian pictures and Playa del Toro. After sailing for some minutes, Arrayanes Wood is reached, at Quetrihue Peninsula. Going along a 600 m path, you can observe magnificent arrayan samples forming a pure wood, considered to be unique in the world for its characteristics. More...

Lakes Crossing to Puerto Montt or Puerto Varas (international)

Duration: Full Day
Available: September to May
The tour starts navigating Nahuel Huapi Lake up to Puerto Blest, in the Nahuel Huapi National Park. Then 3 km are driven by bus reaching Puerto Alegre. From there, Lago Frias is navigated till Puerto Frias is arrived at. At this spot all migratory and Argentinian customs office arrangements are made. The Andes Mountain Range is crossed by bus, on a road surrounded with thick vegetation, arriving at Peulla, the first Chilean population, completing all migratory and Chilean customs arrangements on time for lunch. Afterwards, Todos los Santos Lake is navigated up to Petrohué, where Petrohué Falls are visited, in the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park. Later, skirting Llanquihue Lake, Puerto Varas is reached, ending the excursion at this location or in Puerto Montt. More...

Cable car "CERRO OTTO"

by the avenue of the Pioneers toward the west in the kilometer 5 you arrive at the inferior station of the cable car. It is ascended in panoramic gondolas until the summit (1.400 meters) where it is the only domestic revolvable pub, from which one obtains an impressive view of the city, the lake Nahuel Huapi with its islands and the mountain range of the Andes.

To Tronador hill

the highest in the National Park Nahuel Huapi with three picks in its summit, one Chilean, one international and one Argentinean. To arrive to its base from San Carlos de Bariloche it is necessary to take the national route #258 heading for El Bolsón and when arriving to the south part of the lake Mascardi to take the route #254 toward the right until arriving to Pampa Linda. Is a small village that has a hostel with restaurant, camping site, park guard and a section of Gendarmería Nacional. From here several paths come out that allow to carry out trips by foot or horse that will allow the tourist to discover places of an extraordinary beauty as the glacier Manso or the snowdrift Negro that together give origin to the river Manso Superior that ends in the lake Mascardi after traveling the valley of the Vuriloches. You can also arrive at the refuge Otto Meiling located 2,000 meters high, from where begins the ascent to the summits of the Tronador (experts only). The hill Tronador has 3.450 meters high and owes its name to the impressive noise that produce big detachments of ice.

To 'Confluencia Traful'

in the east end of the lake Nahuel Huapi the river Limay is born and the national route #237 skirts it during 50 kilometers until the fork with the river Traful. Along this beautiful itinerary they are several the activities that can be carried out: rafting by the rapids of the Limay, trips that are hired in Bariloche; flyfishing in one of the most important domestic fisheries; simply to go for a walk, to travel the “Valle Encantado” with very particular rocky formations and to stop in the “amphitheater”, a corner of the river Limay against the mountain.

Places to visit in the city

• The Civic Center inaugurated in 1940 and built with materials of the area. In its arcades begins the avenue Mitre, the most important commercial artery in the city, with local that sell exquisite chocolate, crafts, dress, restaurants and sweet shops.
• The Church Cathedral whose colors windows show the history of the missionary Jesuit and its relationships with the aboriginal of the area.
• The Great Casino Bariloche with their flirts game rooms where the tourist can opt among roulettes, slot machine, black jack, point and bank and dice.

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