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What to do in Caleta Olivia , Patagonia Argentina

To the Natural Monument ‘Bosque Petrificado’ (Petrified Forest): located 185 kilometers to the south of Caleta Olivia. To consent to this place it is necessary to go to the south by the route #3 (87 kilometers) and then to deviate to the Southwest by the provincial route #93 until the stall of the park guard. Created in 1954, it is located in the depression ‘Bajos del Guanaco’ where the hills ‘Cadrado’, ‘Madre’ and ‘Hija’ 400 meters high are. The forest that gave him origin dates of 150.000.000 of years and the petrified remains correspond in its majority to araucarias and other coniferous ones. Some of their trunks reach 30 meters long and 3 diameter meters being the biggest in the world.

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