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To the National Reservation Lake Jeinemeni: leave from Chile Chico toward the south. This road is very particular because practically it goes skirting the river Jeinemeni and the limit with the Republic Argentina during almost 70 kilometers. At the beginning the road goes up a series of plateaus; when arriving to the stream Pedregoo you will carry out a brief walk among the rocks to arrive at the Cave of The Hands, more than 1,000 meters over the sea level. There they are the biggest quantity in Tehuelches rock paintings of the region. In the kilometer 42 you will see the Lagoon of ‘Los Flamencos’, where they live great quantity of flamingos. Starting from the kilometer 40 you will be able to appreciate the beginning of the forest that is made much thicker when arriving to the National Reservation Lake Jeinemeni. In the kilometer 62 you will find the nascent of the river Jeinemeni in the lake of the same name, with camping site and good fishing.
To Puerto Guadal: skirting the Lake General Carrera by the whole south bank. Leave Chile Chico toward the west (toward the east it enters to the Republic Argentina by the Step Río Jeinemeni). To the 6 kilometers there is a deviation to the right of 11 kilometers that takes you to Bahía Jara, with beach and camping area in the coast of the lake General Carrera. After 27 kilometers you will see the works of exploitation of gold and other metals, on a open sky location of the mine Fachinal. The landscape in this sector of the itinerary is quite particular since vegetation doesn't exist and the road runs by on the plateau. In the kilometer 37 you will cross the ‘Garganta del Diablo’ and 10 kilometers ahead you’ll see the deviation to the right toward Puerto Fachinal, in the most narrow point in the lake. Then from the high part of the plateau you’ll have a panoramic view of the lake and to see the fields of ice of the Andes. Starting from there the road descends by a cornice on the lake, this sector is called ‘Paso de las Llaves’. In the kilometer 82 you will go by the village Mallín Grande and 5 kilometers before arriving to Puerto Guadal, toward the left, you’ll see a series of jumps of water called cascades ‘Los Maquis’.

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