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What to do in Chos Malal, Patagonia Argentina

Main Activities

The Museum Manuel José Olascoaga, located on a small hill where the general barracks of the IV Division of the ‘Ejército Expedicionario’ was installed during the campaign of the General Roca. In this provincial historical place you can see personal objects of the first governor's of the territory of Neuquén, colonel Olascoaga, fossil minerals, indigenous pieces and elements that reflect the past of the region.
Fiesta Provincial del Chivito, la Danza y la Canción (annual party). Is carried out every year between ends of November and principles of December congregating the singers of the north of Neuquén province (women that sing traditional tunes of the region), provincial and national artists. But without doubts, the most flavorful thing is the tasting of the most exquisite ‘Chivitos’ (goats) in the world.
To Andacollo and Huinganco: 58 kilometers to the northwest of Chos Malal, after going by the imposing brunches of the Mountain range of the Wind, you arrive to a beautiful valley where it is located the town of Andacollo beside the river Neuquén. City that prospered when their mineral locations were discovered and that when suffering a strong crisis the mining activity, it should appeal to other productive forms as the cattle raising and the agriculture. 5 more kilometers to the north you arrives to the town of Huinganco, where men with creativity and coherent limits, not only they changed the physiognomy of the landscape, but rather they also formed a community where the work of all secures a present and a future of exception. It has a fish hatchery, handmade factories of sweet and regional jellies, shops of transformation of stone ‘tufa’, plantations of different types of coniferous. From Huinganco it can be carried out an interesting trip on foot to the hill Corona and to the lagoon Huinganco.
To the lagoons of Epulauquén: 93 kilometers to the northwest of Chos Malal the town ‘Las Ovejas’ is, from where after traveling other 40 kilometers you arrive at the lagoons of Epulauquén. Two lagoons united by a small stream with excellent fishing (rainbow trouts and brook trouts of great size). The landscape that surrounds them is mountainous with a marked contrast among the part west (forested) and the east (low vegetation). There are havens of lengas, ñires and oak pellín that are unique because of their northern location.
To the Volcano Domuyo:
the base is located 60 kilometers to the north of ‘Las Ovejas’. It is the highest mountain in the Neuquén province with 4,709 meters high, located in the northern sector of the imposing Mountain range of the Wind. It possesses deep and sharp throats where there are born and developed streams of hot water, geysers arise and fumaroles that elevate the boiling jets of water and vapor to 15 meters high. In the thermal baths of Domuyo 18 slopes and 2 streams are located with temperatures that go from the 40° C to the 95° C; the most important are El Humazo, Las Oyetas, Los Tachos and Aguas Calientes that has half dozen of cabins.

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